Oldrich LIPSKY
Oldrich LIPSKY
USSR / Czech Republic, 1975, 136mn 
Colour, fiction
Solo for Elephant and Orchestra / Circus in the Circus
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Соло для слона с оркестром


 Solo pour éléphant et orchestre

 Solo dlya slona s orkestrom

Other titles : Cirkus v cirkuse
Directed by : Oldrich LIPSKY (Олдржих ЛИПСКИЙ)
Writing credits : Yakov KOSTYUKOVSKI (Яков КОСТЮКОВСКИЙ), Oldrich LIPSKY (Олдржих ЛИПСКИЙ), Maurice SLOBODSKOY (Морис СЛОБОДСКОЙ)
Yevgeni LEONOV (Евгений ЛЕОНОВ) ...Circus director
Natalia VARLEI (Наталья ВАРЛЕЙ) ...Tanya Ivanova
Production design : Georgi KOLGANOV (Георгий КОЛГАНОВ)
Other persons :

Writing credits : Milos MACOUREK
Cinematography : Jaroslav KUCERA
Music : Vlastimil HALA
Production Design : Karel VACEK

Actors :
Aleksandr LENKOV ...Císník Aljosa
Leonid KURAVLYOV ...Grísa
Iva JANZUROVA ...Doc.Whistlerová

Production : Mosfilm, Gotbaldov
Spectators : 24,8 million spectators in the USSR
Release date in Russia : 17/05/1976
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
A film-review. An international circus jury comes to Moscow to choose the best performance for an international festival. In this time the international conference, devoted to the language of animals, works in the capital. A Czech professor Ruzhichka, who is sure that every beast can be taught to speak and sing, goes to the circus, where the competition is held…

Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2010