Russia, 2005  
Not So Far in the Forest
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Directed by : Andrei STEMPKOVSKY (Андрей СТЕМПКОВСКИЙ)
Writing credits : Andrei STEMPKOVSKY (Андрей СТЕМПКОВСКИЙ)

Plot synopsis
Two young men earn their living by robbing urban flats. They end up in a nasty apartment where they find a treasure chest. The guys quickly decide to hide the chest not so far in the forest before some body traces them down. But WHO will be looking for the chest? What are the shadows that appear around? What kind of forest is that? Are all these ghosts real or they are only the game of imagina tion? Why has a team filming a horror in the forest disappeared? Reality might turn out to be an illusion. The actors who consider their life to be real resemble some selfassured puppets, which in fact have no freedom of will.