Anatoli_2 PETROV
Анатолий_2 ПЕТРОВ
Anatoli_2 PETROV
USSR, 1986, 20mn 
Colour, animation
Hercules at Admet
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Геракл у Адмета


 Hercule chez Admet

 Gerakl u Admeta

Directed by : Anatoli_2 PETROV (Анатолий_2 ПЕТРОВ)
Writing credits : Anatoli_2 PETROV (Анатолий_2 ПЕТРОВ)
Cinematography : Mikhail DRUYAN (Михаил ДРУЯН)
Music : Shandor KALLOSH (Шандор КАЛЛОШ)
Sound : Vladimir KUTUZOV (Владимир КУТУЗОВ)
Production : Soyuzmultfilm

Plot synopsis
The film is put on the motives of ancient Greek myth. Admet was predicted to the untimely death from which he could be rescued if someone instead of him agrees to descend in the empire of Aid. Wife of Admet - Alkesta – offered herself for the sake of him. Hercules fights with the god of death and rescues

Selected in the following festivals :
- Nasha Animatsiya, Moscow (Russia), 2010

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