Russia, 2009, 101mn 
Colour, animation, TV serial
Smeshariki (2009)
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Смешарики (2009)


 Smeshariki (2009)

 Smeshariki (2009)

Directed by : Denis CHERNOV (Денис ЧЕРНОВ)
Artistic director : Anatoli PROKHOROV (Анатолий ПРОХОРОВ)

Note :
16 new episodes 6 min.30

Plot synopsis
The Smeshariki (the name is derived from "smeshnye" meaning "funny", and "shariki" meaning "little balls") are stylized round animals. Each of the 10 characters has a unique personality and range of interests, and there are no negative characters among them. Plots are built not on the battle of opposing forces but on the unexpected situations which the animated characters stumble upon in their interactions, which are similar to ones that children may encounter in their everyday lives. Much attention was given to the humor in the series, some of which has attracted adults as well. The roundness of the characters, according to the creators, highlights their kind personalities and allows them to be easily drawn even by a child. Source : Wikipedia

Selected in the following festivals :
- Golden Eagle awards, Moscow (Russia), 2010

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