Tolomush OKEYEV
Толомуш ОКЕЕВ
Tolomouch OKEEV
USSR (Kyrgyzstan), 1966, 79mn 
Black and white, fiction
The Sky of Our Childhood
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Небо нашего детства


 Le Ciel de notre enfance

 Nebo nashego dyetstva

Other titles : Bakai's Pasture
Directed by : Tolomush OKEYEV (Толомуш ОКЕЕВ)
Writing credits : Tolomush OKEYEV (Толомуш ОКЕЕВ), Kadyrkul OMURKULOV (Кадыркул ОМУРКУЛОВ)
Muratbek RYSKULOV (Муратбек РЫСКУЛОВ)
Cinematography : Kydyrzhan KYDARLIEV (Кыдыржан КЫДАРЛИЕВ)
Production design : Sagynbek ISHENOV (Сагынбек ИШЕНОВ)
Music : Tashtan ERMATOV (Таштан ЭРМАТОВ)
Sound : Vladimir_2 DMITRIYEV (Владимир_2 ДМИТРИЕВ)
Production : Kirghiz-Film

Awards :
Prix du meilleur premier film au festival du cinéma de l’Union Soviétique en 1968

Plot synopsis
Bakai is an old shepherd who lives in the country while his children have long grown accustomed to life in the city. When his youngest son pays him a visit, Bakai wants him to stay and help with the rigors of rural living. Caught between the old ways and the rapid changes in society, Bakai may have to leave his ancestral land when a highway is slated for construction in the area.
Dan Pavlides,

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Thaw Films : 1953-1968, (France), 2023
- International Film Festival of Russia and Near Abroad "Lendoc Film Festival", St Petersburg (Russia), 2022
- Moscow International Festival of Archival Films (Formerly "Belye Stolby"), Moscow (Russia), 2022
- Rencontres internationales du cinéma du patrimoine, Vincennes (France), 2009
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2005