Dmitry FIKS
Дмитрий ФИКС
Dmitri FIKS
Russia, 2003  
Colour, fiction, TV serial
Balzac Age, or All Men are Bast...
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Бальзаковский возраст, или Все мужики сво...


 Les femmes de trente ans , ou tous les hommes sont des sal...

 Balzakovskiy vozrast, ili Vse muzhiki svo...

Directed by : Dmitry FIKS (Дмитрий ФИКС)
Writing credits : Maksim STISHOV (Максим СТИШОВ)
Vera ALENTOVA (Вера АЛЕНТОВА) ...Zinaida
Production : Studio Motor Film

Plot synopsis
[...]One such show, Balzac Age, or All Men are Bast…, as in bastards, directed by Dmitrii Fiks, debuted on NTV in April, 2004 and ran for a total of 24 episodes over two seasons. This Russian answer to the Sex and the City phenomenon tracks the romantic adventures of four single, female friends—Vera, Sonia, Alla, and Iulia—all of whom are well into the Balzac Age, a euphemism for women over 30. Like their New York counterparts, each of these women sports her own artificial hair color, has her own fashion style, and is primarily characterized by a unique set of neuroses that influences her perception of men and relationships. The women meet at such fashionable Moscow cafes as KofeMania, Etazh, and Akademiia to discuss everything from erotic foot massages to financial woes. Their friendship helps each of them to negotiate the trials and tribulations endured by the single Moscow woman.[...]
Dawn Seckler,

Commentaries and bibliography
Dmitrii Fiks : Balzac Age, or All Men are Bast… (Bal'zakovskii vozrast, ili Vse muzhiki svo…, 2004-5), Dawn SECKLER,, 2006