Евгений ЦЫМБАЛ
Russia, 2004, 52mn 
Another Tyutchev
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Другой Тютчев


 Un autre Tioutchev

 Drugoy Tyutchev

Directed by : Yevgeni TSYMBAL (Евгений ЦЫМБАЛ)
Writing credits : Sergey LABANOV (Сергей ЛАБАНОВ)
Cinematography : Yevgeni DAVYDOV (Евгений ДАВЫДОВ)
Production : President Film

Plot synopsis
A documentary biopic about the difficult ad controversial life of the brilliant Russian poet of the 19th century F.I.Tyutchev. About the insatiable lust for love which accompanied him throughout his life and was the source of his inspiration. About his 22-year diplomatic service which brought him neither honor, nor glory. About the long-term control of foreign censorship in Russia. About his fantastic gift of historic foresight. About his unexpected, sometimes inexplicable behavior. About the right to judge the poet only by the laws of poetry.
The documentary uses unique archival material.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Days of Russian cinema in Limoges, Limoges (France), 2006