USSR / Bulgaria, 1967, 93mn 
Black and white, fiction
Running on the waves
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Бегущая по волнам


 L'Ecuyère des vagues

 Begushchaya po volnam

Directed by : Pavel LYUBIMOV (Павел ЛЮБИМОВ)
Writing credits : Aleksandr GALICH (Александр ГАЛИЧ), Stéphane TSANEV (Стефан ЦАНЕВ)
Natalya BOGUNOVA (Наталия БОГУНОВА) ...Daisy
Rolan BYKOV (Ролан БЫКОВ) ...Capitaine Guez
Yevgeni FRIDMAN (Евгений ФРИДМАН) ...L'intendant
Savva KHASHIMOV (Савва ХАШИМОВ) ...Garveï
Vasil POPILIEV (Васил ПОРИЛИЕВ) ...Toboggan
Margarita TEREKHOVA (Маргарита ТЕРЕХОВА) ...Biche Seniel / Frezi Grant
Oleg ZHAKOV (Олег ЖАКОВ) ...Proktor
Cinematography : Stoyan ZLYCHKIN (Стоян ЗЛЫЧКИН)
Production design : Galina ANFILOVA (Галина АНФИЛОВА), Aleksandr DENKOV (Александр ДЕНКОВ)
Sound : Leonard BUKHOV (Леонард БУХОВ)
Spectators : 15 millions of spectators
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DVD with subtitles
Editor : Ruscico. 2006.
Langue : RU
Sous-titres : RU EN FR
Bonus : Interview de Alena Galitch, Chansons de Galitch

Plot synopsis
The young pianist Thomas Harvey finds the brig "Hurrying through the Waves". After a brawl, Harvey is abandoned alone in a lifeboat, cut adrift from its moorings. By a miracle, a fair maiden appears in the boat. She reassures him. Anglers salvage Harvey. There is a charming girl among them: Daisy. They tell him the legend of the nocturnal rescuer, Frasie Grand, who rushes through the waves. All sailors in distress have regarded her as a symbol. People have raised a monument to her. By the end of the carnival, Harvey sees yet another crime in progress: the demolition of the Monument to the Hurrying through the Waves. He is the only one to confront the rampaging mob. Harvey once again meets the little sweet Daisy who shares his dream.

Commentaries and bibliography
Pavel Lioubimov – L’Écuyère des vagues (1967), Russkaya Fantastika, 1967

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- International Film Festival of the Commonwealth Countries "Moscow Premiere", Moscow (Russia), 2012
- Festival of Archive Films, Belye Stolby (Russia), 2011

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