Григорий НИКУЛИН
USSR, 1964, 80mn 
Black and white, fiction
Remember me Gaspar
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Помни, Каспар


 Souviens-toi, Kaspar

 Pomni, Kaspar

Directed by : Grigori NIKULIN (Григорий НИКУЛИН)
Writing credits : Grigori NIKULIN (Григорий НИКУЛИН)
Cinematography : Dmitry_2 MESKHIEV (Дмитрий_2 МЕСХИЕВ)
Production : Lenfilm

Plot synopsis
A German soldier, Kaspar, who narrow escaped death in an air fight, has lost his way in the Byelorussian woods. He comes across Russian lieutenant Denis Marasev, who escaped from a German POW camp. Their encounter helps Kaspar to change his attitude to war and fascism.
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