Nikolay_2 LEBEDEV
Николай_2 ЛЕБЕДЕВ
Nikolaï_2 LEBEDEV
USSR, 1953, 84mn 
Colour, fiction
A Comrade s honour
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Честь товарища


 L'Honneur d'un camarade

 Chest tovarishcha

Directed by : Nikolay_2 LEBEDEV (Николай_2 ЛЕБЕДЕВ)
Production : Lenfilm
Spectators : 20 millions of spectators
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Plot synopsis
Based on “The Scarlet Shoulder-Straps”, a story by Boris Izyumsky. Major Bakanov, the new tutor of the Suvorov Military School, had to start with sorting out the problem between the undergraduate Gennady Pashkov and his comrades. The self-indulging, self-centered Gennady was arrogant, capable of mocking a boy-and-girl friendship and letting a friend down. The teacher's experience and time alter the conduct of the young man who was giving himself airs, and by graduation time Pashkov's friends are sure that he will make a good officer.
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