USSR, 1966, 96mn 
Black and white, fiction
Falling Leaves
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 La Chute des feuilles


Other titles : Giorgobistve
Directed by : Otar IOSSELIANI (Отар ИОСЕЛИАНИ)
Writing credits : Amiran CHICHINADZE (Амиран ЧИЧИНАДЗЕ)
David ABASHIDZE (Давид АБАШИДЗЕ) ...Rezo
Marina KARTSIVADZE (Марина КАРЦИВАДЗЕ) ...Marina
Georgi KHARABADZE (Георгий ХАРАБАДЗЕ) ...Otar
Baadur TSULADZE (Баадур ЦУЛАДЗЕ) ...Rezo
Cinematography : Abesalom MAISURADZE (Абесалом МАЙСУРАДЗЕ)
Production design : Dmitry ERISTAVI (Дмитрий ЭРИСТАВИ)
Production : Gruziafilm
Release date in Russia : 1967
Sites : Page Allociné, page IMDb
Release date in France : 1969-11-07, Site

Awards :
Prix de la FIPRESCI, Cannes, 1968
Prix Georges Sadoul du meilleur premier film, 1968

DVD with subtitles
Editor : Blaq Out. Titre : Otar Iosseliani.
Fait partie du coffret Iosseliani qui contient :Avril; La Chute des feuilles; Il était une fois un merle chanteur; Pastorale

Plot synopsis
Otar and Niko, two young engineers, work in a vineyard. The former is a careerist, the latter determined to do an honest day’s work that will reduce the impressive quotas achieved by the agricultural collective, for which fulfilling the plan is more important than quality. Deliberately erroneous reports regarding the state of the vineyards, a works inspection, Komsomol songs – the absurdity of everyday Soviet life stand in contrast to the ordered world of ancient traditions, the impressionistic studies of urban space. The film is embedded in a prologue – the ritual of the grape-harvest and thanksgiving.

Commentaries and bibliography
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