Aleksandr_2 MURATOV
Александр_2 МУРАТОВ
Aleksandr_2 MOURATOV
Russia / France, 1992, 57mn 
Colour, fiction
The Manuscript
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Directed by : Aleksandr_2 MURATOV (Александр_2 МУРАТОВ)
Vladimir IVASHOV (Владимир ИВАШОВ)
Production : Troitskiy Most, “La Sept” (Channel 7 of TV, France), ”Sodaperaga” (France)
Release date in Russia : 20/01/1993

Plot synopsis
In a countryside writers' colony, a young writer is working on her autobiographical story dealing with the arrest and death of her husband. She is is mad with fear, suspicion, mistrust andanxiety. The film shows how a totalitarian state intrudes upon people's private lives and their creative work, how it mutilates souls and distorts relations between people.
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