Leonid BYKOV
Леонид БЫКОВ
Leonid BYKOV
USSR, 1976, 87mn 
Colour, fiction
One-Two, Soldiers Were Going
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Аты-баты, шли солдаты…


 Un, deux... les soldats marchaient...

 Aty-baty, shli soldaty…

Directed by : Leonid BYKOV (Леонид БЫКОВ)
Writing credits : Kirill RAPOPORT (Кирилл РАПОПОРТ), Boris VASILIEV (Борис ВАСИЛЬЕВ)
Leonid BYKOV (Леонид БЫКОВ) ...Viktor Sviatkine
Nikolay GRINKO (Николай ГРИНЬКО) ...Commandant de groupe
Vladimir KONKIN (Владимир КОНКИН) ...Igor Sousline
Bulat OKUDZHAVA (Булат ОКУДЖАВА) ...Chansons
Cinematography : Vladimir VOYTENKO (Владимир ВОЙТЕНКО)
Production design : Georgi PROKOPETS (Георгий ПРОКОПЕЦ)
Music : Georgi DMITRIYEV (Георгий ДМИТРИЕВ)
Production : Studio Dovzhenko
Spectators : 35,8 millions of spectators
Site : IMDb

Awards :
Prix national de l'Ukraine, Chevtchenko, 1977

DVD with subtitles
Editor : Ruscico. 2000.
Langues : RU EN FR
Sous-titres : RU EN FR DE ES IT
Bonus :
- Interview de l'acteur : V. Konkine
- Le visiteur derniers essais de L. Bykov
- Tournage

Plot synopsis
The last film by Leonid Bykov (“Maksim Perepelitsa”, “The Volunteers”), and his last film role. The tragic and the comic, the heroic and the lyrical - all has interwoven onscreen into an unusual story about the fathers remaining forever young and the children coming to the place where exactly thirty years ago their most dear ones took the last deadly battle…The first public performance of the famous song by Bulat Okudzhava and Valentin Levashov, “Take Your Greatcoat, Let’s Go Home”
Source : www.ruscico.com

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