France, 1994, 236mn 
Colour, documentary, TV
Alone, Georgia
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Грузия одна


 Seule, Géorgie

 Grouzia odna

Directed by : Otar IOSSELIANI (Отар ИОСЕЛИАНИ)
Writing credits : Otar IOSSELIANI (Отар ИОСЕЛИАНИ)

Plot synopsis
This made for TV documentary video provides a complete look at the history and culture of Georgia, a former Soviet State that has come into its own again. The film is in three sections. The first,"Prelude" chronicles Georgian history up through the 18th century. It also examines the unique Georgian culture. The second section, "Temptation," using archival footage, examines the purges, deportations, and new Communist policies that took place after the Russian revolution. While the Russians had tremendous impact upon the Georgian lifestyle, they did not destroy the Georgian culture. The third section, "The Ordeal" examines the current situation of Georgia.
Sandra Brennan, www.allmovie.com

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- , Paris (France), 2019