Russia, 2001, 100mn 
Colour, fiction
Lubov and Other Nightmares
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Любовь и другие кошмары


 Amour et autres cauchemars

 Lyubov i drugie koshmary

Directed by : Andrei NEKRASOV (Андрей НЕКРАСОВ)
Writing credits : Andrei NEKRASOV (Андрей НЕКРАСОВ)
Production : Dreamscanner Productions en coproduction avec TaunusFilm International
format : 35 mm

Awards :
Prix spécial du jury au Festival de cinéma ruse de Moscou, 2001

Plot synopsis
The debut feature by Andrei Nekrasov, who can boast of having served as assistant director to Tarkovsky. The fantasies this time are more of an erotic nature, and emerge from the mind of Aleksei, a reflective, womanising techie geek, from whose point of view and from whose dreams we experience the film. The Liubov (a woman's name which also means "love") of the title is a bisexual contract killer who saves Aleksei from being killed by a new Russian whose wife he has been having an affair with.
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