Gueorgui DANELIA
USSR, 1986, 135mn 
Colour, fiction
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Directed by : Georgi DANELIYA (Георгий ДАНЕЛИЯ)
Writing credits : Georgi DANELIYA (Георгий ДАНЕЛИЯ), Rezo GABRIADZE (Резо ГАБРИАДЗЕ)
Levan GABRIADZE (Леван ГАБРИАДЗЕ) ...Guedevan (le porteur du violon)
Yevgeni LEONOV (Евгений ЛЕОНОВ) ...Ouef
Stanislav LIUBSHIN (Станислав ЛЮБШИН) ...Machkov (Diadia Vania)
Olga MASHNAIA (Ольга МАШНАЯ) ...Dekont
Cinematography : Pavel LEBESHEV (Павел ЛЕБЕШЕВ)
Production design : Teodor TEZHIK (Теодор ТЭЖИК)
Sound : Yekaterina POPOVA-EVANS (Екатерина ПОПОВА-ЭВАНС)
Production : Mosfilm
Spectators : 15,7 millions of spectators
Sites : Allociné, IMDb, Kinopoisk
VOD or DVD release in France : 2017-03-18, Site

Awards :
Best music Giya KANCHELY , "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 1987

Note :
In 2013, remake of the film by the same director in the form of an animated film: Ku! Kin-dza-dza

Plot synopsis
Kin-dza-dza is a far away planet. Two earth men find themselves there and the movie tells us about their incredible adventures in other civilization. The film is about vice and virtue.
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Plukanian language :
- Koo – All words, with the following exceptions:
- Kyu (pronounced kyew) – any profanity
- Ketseh (pronounced "keh-tseh", emphasis on the second syllable) – matches (or, rather, the chemicals ordinarily used on Earth for match heads)
- Chatl – a currency unit
- Tsak – a small bell worn on the nose to indicate the low social status of the wearer
- Tentura and Antitentura – two opposite parts of the Universe. Some planets and galaxies exist in Tentura and some (including Earth) in Antitentura
- Pepelats – an interplanetary spacecraft (from the Georgian word "pepela" for butterfly)
- Tsapa – a component for different machines. A big tsapa is a very important component for the pepelats. A small tsapa is a component for the gravitsapa; without the small tsapa, a gravitsapa will not work. Tsapa is similar to a very rusty screwnut
- Gravitsapa – a component for the pepelats which allows intergalactic travel (from 'gravity' + 'tsapa')
- Tranklucator – a weapon
- Visator – compact device, detects difference between Patsaks and Chatlanians
- Kappa – a button or lever
- Luts – the fuel used by the pepelats, it is made of water
- Chatlanin – being with a high social status (detected as "orange" on a Visator)
- Patsak – being with a low social status (detected as "green" on a Visator)
- Ecilop – a policeman ("police" spoken backwards)
- Etsikh – a box for prisoners; also the imprisonment in such box (as a penalty); also the Etsikh is a jail with many such boxes ("Etsikh" is from the Georgian word "tsikhe" for prison, castle). « Etsikh with nails » is a hard punishment.

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Soviet comedies, (France), 2024
- International Film Festival ANTARES, Sochi (Russia), 2024
- International Film Festival Listapad, Minsk (Belarus), 2023
- Best Soviet films according to Russia Beyond, (France), 2023
- International Film Festival of the Commonwealth Countries "Moscow Premiere", Moscow (Russia), 2021
- Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Thessaloniki (Greece), 2020
- VOD or DVD release in France of the film:, Different cities (France), 2017
- Soirées du cinéma russe de Bordeaux, Bordeaux (France), 2016
- Festival "Vivat Kino Rossii", St Petersburg (Russia), 2011
- International Film Festival of the Commonwealth Countries "Moscow Premiere", Moscow (Russia), 2010
- Osaka European Film Festival, Osaka (Japan), 2008
- Honfleur Russian Film Festival, Honfleur (France), 2007
- Utopiales : international science fiction festival, Nantes (France), 2006
- "Spirit of Fire" International Debut Film Festival, Khanty Mansiysk (Russia), 2006
- Nantes Russian Film Festival, Nantes (France), 2005
- Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival : NIFF, Neuchâtel (Switzerland), 2005
- "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 1987

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