Maksim RUF
Максим РУФ
Maksim ROUF
USSR, 1959, 94mn 
Colour, fiction
The Quarrel in Lukashi
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Ссора в Лукашах


 Querelle à Loukachi

 Ssora v Lukashakh

Directed by : Maksim RUF (Максим РУФ)
Writing credits : Viktor KUROCHKIN (Виктор КУРОЧКИН)
Leonid BYKOV (Леонид БЫКОВ)
Kirill LAVROV (Кирилл ЛАВРОВ)
Production : Lenfilm
format : 35 mm

Plot synopsis
Victor Tuz was crazy about art and loved to sing, but for the lack of other candidates the Collective Farm Chairman Trofimov sent him to be trained as a mechanic. Trofimov's own daughter Liza doesn't like rural life, dreaming of the city. Kostya Lastochkin is an excellent mechanic, but he comes home only on vacations, still due to complete his term in the Army. Everyone in Lukashi welcomes the young lieutenant who is clever with his hands. The nice modest girl Katya is especially appreciative of his visits.
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