USSR, 1956, 93mn 
Colour, fiction
The Honeymoon
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Медовый месяц


 Lune de miel

 Medovyy mecyats

Directed by : Nadezhda KOSHEVEROVA (Надежда КОШЕВЕРОВА)
Kirill LAVROV (Кирилл ЛАВРОВ) ... 
Production : Lenfilm
Release date in Russia : 10/12/1956

Plot synopsis
The Leningrad-born Tatyana Odintsova, graduate of a medical institute, dreams of working nowhere but in her native city. This is her reason for marrying the engineer Alexei Rybalchenko. But Alexei consents to go to a bridge construction site in Siberia and demands that his wife come with him. The unsettled rural life is beyond any expectations Lyudmila might have had. Shortly the construction site gets its first patients, and there is a need to arrange medical care. Gradually, helping people, Lyudmila is drawn into her work. Also her relationship with Alexei, all but severed due to the uncompromising personalities of the newlyweds, straightens out.
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