Russia, 2010, 90mn 
Colour, fiction
The Devil's Flower
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Цветок дьявола


 La Fleur du diable

 Tsvetok dyavola

Directed by : Yekaterina GROKHOVSKAIA (Екатерина ГРОХОВСКАЯ)
Writing credits : Yekaterina GROKHOVSKAIA (Екатерина ГРОХОВСКАЯ)
Marina GOLUB (Марина ГОЛУБ)
Olga KHOKHLOVA (Ольга ХОХЛОВА) ...Polina
Sergey KRAPIVA (Сергей КРАПИВА) ...Sasha
Natalia NAUMOVA (Наталья НАУМОВА)
Cinematography : Andrei MAKAROV (Андрей МАКАРОВ)
Produced by : Igor ZADORIN (Игорь ЗАДОРИН)
Production : ZGfilm
International Sales: Sovexportfim Int. Sales
Film revenue in Russia : 1.853 million dollars
format : 35 mm
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Plot synopsis
A female student called Polina dreams of a mysterious flower on the gates of a medieval castle that holds an incredibly powerful attraction for her, and she relates her dream to a friend who is interested in the occult. She finds an old book under mysterious circumstances and discovers in it an engraving depicting this very flower, as well as six tantalizingly empty pages. During a polo tournament, she gets to know Sasha, the best rider in his team, and they embark on a romantic relationship. However, her dream and the book continue to trouble her and she now dreams about a handsome horseman. Polina is torn between reality and dreams, between her love for Sasha and her attraction to this mysterious rider.

Commentaries and bibliography
Ekaterina Grokhovskaia : Devil’s Flower (Tsvetok D’iavola, 2010), Emily HILLHOUSE,, 2011