USSR, 1938, 99mn 
Black and white, fiction
Great Glow
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Великое зарево


 La Grande lueur

 Velikoye zaryevo

Other titles : Diadi gantiadi (original title)
Directed by : Mikhail CHIAURELI (Михаил ЧИАУРЕЛИ)
Writing credits : Mikhail CHIAURELI (Михаил ЧИАУРЕЛИ)
Mikhail GELOVANY (Михаил ГЕЛОВАНИ) ...Staline
Production : Grouzia-Film
Release date in Russia : 06/11/1938

Plot synopsis
1917. Revolutionary minded soldiers no longer want to fight in the German front. In the name of the delegates – Gudushauri, Panasuk and Ershov soldiers send money collected at the front to the editors of the newspaper "Pravda". The delegates hold a meeting with Stalin. The rallies of protest get more and more assertive in Petrograd. Lenin calls for the armed rebellion. The provisional Government opens fire at the rally. There are the soldier’s delegates among the demonstrators, who later lead the armed units taking off the Winter Palace.
The Georgian National Film Center