Aleksandr IVANOV
Александр ИВАНОВ
Aleksandr IVANOV
USSR, 1955, 104mn 
Colour, fiction
Mikhail Lomonossov
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Михайло Ломоносов


 Mikhaïl Lomonossov

 Mikhaylo Lomonosov

Directed by : Aleksandr IVANOV (Александр ИВАНОВ)
Aleksey BATALOV (Алексей БАТАЛОВ)
Production : Lenfilm
Spectators : 19,5 million spectators in the USSR
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Plot synopsis
The picture features the great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov. After several years of studying in Germany Lomonosov returns to his motherland to embark on the years of persistent struggle to establish the native Russian science, to found centers of true science in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and to start the Moscow University.
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