Grigori ROSHAL
Григорий РОШАЛЬ
Grigori ROCHAL
USSR, 1961, 119mn 
Black and white, fiction
The Court of Madmen
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Суд Сумасшедших


 Le Jugement des fous

 Sud Sumasshedshikh

Directed by : Grigori ROSHAL (Григорий РОШАЛЬ)
Writing credits : Grigori ROSHAL (Григорий РОШАЛЬ)
Production : Mosfilm

Plot synopsis
The scene is laid in the 60s in one of the capitalist countries. The film is about an outstanding German physicist Iohannes Verner, who emigrated from Germany in the 30s. Having changed his name he continued working on the invention, which neo-fascists and their allies tried to employ for their own purposes. Verner entered the struggle with them.
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