USSR, 1970, 104mn 
Colour, fiction
Uncle Vanya
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Дядя Ваня


 Oncle Vania

 Diadya Vanya

Directed by : Andrey KONCHALOVSKY (Андрей КОНЧАЛОВСКИЙ)
Writing credits : Andrey KONCHALOVSKY (Андрей КОНЧАЛОВСКИЙ)
Sergey BONDARCHUK (Сергей БОНДАРЧУК) ...Le docteur Astrov
Irina KUPCHENKO (Ирина КУПЧЕНКО) ...Sofia
Yekaterina MAZUROVA (Екатерина МАЗУРОВА)
Innokenti SMOKTUNOVSKY (Иннокентий СМОКТУНОВСКИЙ) ...Oncle Vania
Vladimir ZELDIN (Владимир ЗЕЛЬДИН) ...Le professeur Sérébriakov
Cinematography : Yevgeni GUSLINSKY (Евгений ГУСЛИНСКИЙ), Georgi RERBERG (Георгий РЕРБЕРГ)
Production design : Nikolay DVIGUBSKY (Николай ДВИГУБСКИЙ)
Music : Alfred SHNITKE (Альфред ШНИТКЕ)
Sound : Grigori KORENBLYUM (Григорий КОРЕНБЛЮМ)
Production : Mosfilm
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Awards :
Médaille d'argent au Festival de San-Sebastian? 1972
Médaille d'argent Festival de Milan, 1974

Plot synopsis
A screen version of A. P. Chekhov’s play of the same name.
The old and suffering professor Sérébriakov and his young and pretty wife Elena came to spend some time in the countryside with Uncle Vania and his niece Sonia. Vania is bitter to have spoiled her youth for Serebriakov who never became the expected "scientist". And when the latter offers to sell the property he operates with his niece, he explodes and tries to assassinate the professor. This one leaves with Elena who, resigned, refused the advances of Vania and her friend doctor Astrov that the dream of a society where one would protect nature, does not manage to leave the daily mediocrity.

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