Vladimir MENSHOV
Владимир МЕНЬШОВ
Vladimir MENCHOV
USSR, 1976, 96mn 
Colour, fiction
The Prank
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 La Farce


Directed by : Vladimir MENSHOV (Владимир МЕНЬШОВ)
Writing credits : Semyon LUNGIN (Семён ЛУНГИН)
Garri BARDIN (Гарри БАРДИН) ...teacher
Andrey GUSEV (Андрей ГУСЕВ) ...Oleg Komarovsky
Yevgeniya KHANAEVA (Евгения ХАНАЕВА) ...Mariya Devyatova
Dmitry KHARATIAN (Дмитрий ХАРАТЬЯН) ...Igor Grusko
Vladimir MENSHOV (Владимир МЕНЬШОВ) ...swimming coach
Oleg TABAKOV (Олег ТАБАКОВ) ...Komarovsky's father
Cinematography : Mikhail BITS (Михаил БИЦ)
Production design : Boris BLANK (Борис БЛАНК)
Music : Aleksandr FLYAROVSKY (Александр ФЛЯРКОВСКИЙ)
Sound : Valentina ALEKSEYEVA (Валентина АЛЕКСЕЕВА), Georgi GARANIAN (Георгий ГАРАНЯН), Valery POPOV (Валерий ПОПОВ)
Production : Mosfilm
Spectators : 33,8 millions of spectators
Sites : IMDb, Kinopoisk

Plot synopsis
The examination in the tenth class is disrupted by pupils prank. School conflict reveals a real leader and discloses infirmity of his rival’s claims.
Source : www.mosfilm.ru

The Prank Pavel Lungin's producing studio offers a remake of Vladimir Menshov’s youth film shot in 1976. Once again the film takes place at an ordinary Moscow school with morals and manners. A new pupil from the provinces comes to a graduation class and breaks all dispositions and challenges the recognized leader, arrogant guy from a rich family. To restore the leading position he resorts to desperate measures and subjects the young and inexperienced English teacher to a cruel hoax. Scandal flares up and the head of studies wishes to expel the insolent fellow from the school. Popular musician Noize MC plays the leading role.
Source : www.russianfilmny.com/list_of_films.htm#53

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