Александр ДОВЖЕНКО
Aleksandr DOVJENKO
1951, 73mn 
Good-Bye, America!
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Прощай, Америка!


 Adieu, Amérique

 Proshchay Amerika!

Directed by : Aleksandr DOVZHENKO (Александр ДОВЖЕНКО)
Cinematography : Yuri EKELCHIK (Юрий ЕКЕЛЬЧИК)
Production : Mosfilm
Restauration : 1995

Plot synopsis
The movie is made to 100 anniversary of the cinematography on the base of Alexander Dovzhenko’s unknown film, which has been in archive of the State Film Fund for about fifty years. This is the last film of the world-known master. It was screened in 1951 on the based of a book by Anabella Byukar, an American embassy officer who made sensational revelations of compatriot-diplomats’ activity. Dovzhenko took her book as a base for his script and considerably expanded the theme.
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