Russia, 1996, 116mn 
Colour, fiction
Hello, Boobies!
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Привет, дуралеи


 Salut, grand bêta

 Privet, duralei

Directed by : Eldar RIAZANOV (Эльдар РЯЗАНОВ)
Tatyana DRUBICH (Татьяна ДРУБИЧ)
Production design : Aleksandr_2 BORISOV (Александр_2 БОРИСОВ)
Production : Mosfilm, Luch, Roskomkino

Plot synopsis
Yury Kablukov, senior lecturer-philologist, had a nightmare from his past life where he was French eye specialist Derulen who worked in Moscow. As the revolution broke out he put his honestly earned money and family jewels of his Russian wife Polina into a hiding-place. And in his real life he gets acquainted with bookseller Ksenia whose sight is badly failing. Two lonely people set their hearts on each other but the dream came in between them since the girl turned out to be a grand-daughter of Derulen who really existed. The hypothetical incest becomes a hindrance to their happiness.
Source : www.mosfilm.ru

Selected in the following festivals :
- "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 1996