Vladimir NAUMOV
Владимир НАУМОВ
Vladimir NAOUMOV
USSR, 1990, 139mn 
Colour, fiction
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 La Loi


Directed by : Vladimir NAUMOV (Владимир НАУМОВ)
Writing credits : Vladimir NAUMOV (Владимир НАУМОВ)
Production design : Yevgeni CHERNYAYEV (Евгений ЧЕРНЯЕВ)
Produced by : Valery TODOROVSKY (Валерий ТОДОРОВСКИЙ)
Production : Mosfilm, Soyouz

Plot synopsis
A cinema-novel about the time when in the mid fifties a process to rehabilitate the victims of Stalin’s retaliatory policy started. Soon after Stalin’s death young investigator Lunin was sent form the province to Moscow to untwine complicated bundles of trumped-up charges. The KGB archive - giant shelves from the cellar to the bottom filled with folders. And every folder can say about a human tragedy.
Source : www.mosfilm.ru