Russia, 2006, 136mn 
Colour, fiction
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Волкодав из рода Серых Псов



 Volkodav iz roda Serykh Psov

Directed by : Nikolay LEBEDEV (Николай ЛЕБЕДЕВ)
Writing credits : Nikolay LEBEDEV (Николай ЛЕБЕДЕВ)
Oxana AKINSHINA (Оксана АКИНЬШИНА) ...Knessinka Elena
Aleksandr BUKHAROV (Александр БУХАРОВ) ...Volkodav
Aleksandr DOMOGAROV (Александр ДОМОГАРОВ) ...Cannibale
Tatyana LIUTAYEVA (Татьяна ЛЮТАЕВА) ...Lekarka
Igor PETRENKO (Игорь ПЕТРЕНКО) ...Loutchezar
Andrey RUDENSKY (Андрей РУДЕНСКИЙ) ...Tilorn
Artiom SEMAKIN (Артем СЕМАКИН) ...Evrikh
Yevgeniya SVIRIDOVA (Евгения СВИРИДОВА) ...Niilit
Natalia VARLEI (Наталья ВАРЛЕЙ) ...La mère Kendarat
Cinematography : Irek HARTOWICZ (Ирек ХАРТОВИЧ), Valery MARTYNOV (Валерий МАРТЫНОВ)
Production design : Lyudmila KUSAKOVA (Людмила КУСАКОВА)
Music : Aleksey RYBNIKOV (Алексей РЫБНИКОВ)
Produced by : Ruben DISHDISHIAN (Рубен ДИШДИШЯН), Yuri MOROZ (Юрий МОРОЗ)
Production : Central Partnership
Film revenue in Russia : 20.02 million dollars
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Awards :
Best Set Decoration Golden Eagle awards, Moscow (Russia), 2008

DVD with subtitles
Editor : Autre Distribution. 2007.
Langues : RU FR - Sous-titres : FR

Plot synopsis
Fantasy/Romantic action movie based on Maria Semenovaís novel of the same title.
The brave and noble Wolfhound, the last warrior of the tribe of the Grey Hounds, and his true friend ëNeletuchaya myshí (a bat that cannot fly), rescue the wise Tillorn and the slave Neelith from their sworn enemy, the Cannibal, who has destroyed village of the Grey Hounds. They head for the city of Galirad, which is living through troubled times. To rescue city from ruin, the Prince of Galirad has promised his daughter Helena to the young warrior Vinitar in marriage, who guarantees the protection of Galirad. The young princess has to make a long journey to reach the land of her future husband. She asks Wolfhound to become her bodyguard on the dangerous journey. Having agreed to serve the princess, Wolfhound is drawn into a whirlpool of mysterious events, which ultimately cast light on the genuine purpose of the journey...
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Commentaries and bibliography
Nikolai Lebedev : Wolfhound (Volkodav iz roda Serykh Psov, 2006), Stephen NORRIS,, 2007

Selected in the following festivals :
- Golden Eagle awards, Moscow (Russia), 2008
- Festival Fantasia, Montreal (Canada), 2007
- Copenhagen International Film Festival / CPH PIX, Copenhagen (Denmark), 2007
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2007

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