USSR, 1974, 101mn 
Colour, fiction
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 Mères et filles


Directed by : Sergey GERASIMOV (Сергей ГЕРАСИМОВ)
Writing credits : Aleksandr VOLODIN (Александр ВОЛОДИН)
Innokenti SMOKTUNOVSKY (Иннокентий СМОКТУНОВСКИЙ) ...Vladimir Vasilyev
Tamara MAKAROVA (Тамара МАКАРОВА) ...Yelena Alexeyevna Vasilyeva
Sergey GERASIMOV (Сергей ГЕРАСИМОВ) ...Piotr Nikanorovich Vorobyov
Liubov POLEKHINA (Любовь ПОЛЕХИНА) ...Olga Vasilyeva
Larisa UDOVICHENKO (Лариса УДОВИЧЕНКО) ...Galya Vassilyeva
Svetlana SMEKHNOVA (Светлана СМЕХНОВА) ...Anya Vasilyeva
Zurab KIPSHIDZE (Зураб КИПШИДЗЕ) ...Rezo
Cinematography : Vladimir RAPOPORT (Владимир РАПОПОРТ)
Production design : Pyotr PASHKEVICH (Пётр ПАШКЕВИЧ)
Music : Stanislav CHEKIN (Станислав ЧЕКИН)
Sound : Nikolay OZORNOV (Николай ОЗОРНОВ)
Production : Gorky Film Studio
Spectators : 18,2 millions of spectators
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
In a Moscow apartment lives a family of intellectuals, he is a math teacher, she runs a dance class at a large company, and the twins, teenage girls, go to school. One day a young girl arrives who says she has finally found her mother: brought up in an orphanage, she went in search of her having only her first and last name, and now she had found the person she was looking for. she was looking. But we explain his mistake to him, and we decide to help him by hosting him for a few days. The relationships that will be forged between this young girl brought up in "collective solitude" and the rigidity of orphanages and the members of this well-to-do family without major problems are complex. But this meeting will put each of the protagonists face to face with themselves and their life choices.