Russia, 2023, 104mn 
Five percent
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Пять процентов


 Cinq pour cent

 Pyat protsentov

Directed by : Dmitry SVETOZAROV (Дмитрий СВЕТОЗАРОВ)
Writing credits : Dmitry SVETOZAROV (Дмитрий СВЕТОЗАРОВ)
Yuri STOYANOV (Юрий СТОЯНОВ) ...Nikolay Ferapontov
Viktor SUKHORUKOV (Виктор СУХОРУКОВ) ...Krokhin-Nakhmison
Yuri ITSKOV (Юрий ИЦКОВ) ...Fropych
Anastasia FILIPPOVA (Анастасия ФИЛИППОВА)
Cinematography : Gleb KLIMOV (Глеб КЛИМОВ)
Production design : Yelena ZHUKOVA (Елена ЖУКОВА)
Music : Andrey SIGLE (Андрей СИГЛЕ)
Produced by : Andrey SIGLE (Андрей СИГЛЕ), Dmitry SVETOZAROV (Дмитрий СВЕТОЗАРОВ)
Production : ASDS
Film revenue in Russia : 0.029349 million dollars
Spectators : 8 500
Release date in Russia : 02/11/2023
Sites : Kinopoisk, IMDb

Plot synopsis
Nikolai Fomich Ferapontov is a monumental sculptor and “classic of socialist realism” who lived a far from sinless life. However, all the success is in the distant past, and in his old age he has to make ends meet, getting by with random orders. Everything changes when a young art critic, Myasoedov, appears on his doorstep and finds paintings in the back room, which he unexpectedly recognizes as masterpieces of fine art! Without really knowing the real origin of the paintings, Nikolai Fomich calls himself their author, and from that moment the hunt for money and fame begins.

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