Russia, 2022, 79mn 
High Security Parents
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Родители строгого режима


 Parents de grande sévérité

 Roditeli strogogo rezhima

Directed by : Nikita VLADIMIROV (Никита ЛАДИМИРОВ)
Writing credits : Andrey TARATUKHIN (Андрей ТАРАТУХИН )
Alissa FREINDLIKH (Алиса ФРЕЙНДЛИХ) ...mother
Aleksandr ADABASHIAN (Александр АДАБАШЬЯН) ...father
Yevgeni TKACHUK (Евгений ТКАЧУК) ...son
Olga MEDYNICH (Ольга МЕДЫНИЧ ) ...Svetlana
Igor KHRIPUNOV (Игорь ХРИПУНОВ) ...Misha
Vladimir SYCHEV (Владимир СЫЧЕВ) ...policeman
Cinematography : Sergey ASTAKHOV (Сергей АСТАХОВ)
Production design : Sofia MATVEYEVA (Софья МАТВЕЕВА)
Music : Fyodor JURAVLYOV (Федор ЖУРАВЛЕВ)
Produced by : Nikita VLADIMIROV (Никита ЛАДИМИРОВ)
Production : MBK
Film revenue in Russia : 0.913829 million dollars
Spectators : 185 700
Release date in Russia : 14/04/2022
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
Every parent wants to be proud of their child. But the Litvins were tired of being ashamed of their Boria's actions. The fact is that now Borya is Boris Valentinovich and he is the mayor of their city, and among the people he has a stable reputation as a “thief”. Having learned that the thieving mayor is going to run for a second term, mum and dad decide not to wait and install him themselves - in the children's room... behind a thick grid. Thus, an isolated forest house on the outskirts of the city will be transformed into a secure establishment, where the parents will try to analyze and correct their pedagogical errors together in order to put the mayor back on the right path.

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