Grigori ARONOV
Григорий АРОНОВ
Grigori ARONOV
USSR, 1970, 98mn 
Green Chains
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Зелёные цепочки


 Les Chainettes vertes

 Zelyonye tsepochki

Directed by : Grigori ARONOV (Григорий АРОНОВ)
Production : Lenfilm
Spectators : 22,1 million spectators in the USSR
Release date in Russia : 03/12/1970
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
Summer 1941. Young Styopa and Misha are returning to Leningrad from the pioneer camp. On the way, they help a one-armed man who called himself Uncle Petya. The sudden bombardment forces the boys and their random companion to split up - as a result, his luggage remains with the pioneers. In Leningrad, the guys open the suitcase and find missiles there, which are used by the Nazis to make it easier for enemy aircraft to destroy Soviet cities and villages. Friends want to find the mysterious uncle on their own, who, as it turned out, is not a front-line soldier at all, but a saboteur.