USSR, 1973, 11mn 
Colour, animation
In The Fable World
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В мире басен


 Dans le monde des contes

 V mire basen

Directed by : Andrei KHRZHANOVSKY (Андрей ХРЖАНОВСКИЙ)
Writing credits : Andrei KHRZHANOVSKY (Андрей ХРЖАНОВСКИЙ)
Music : Alfred SHNITKE (Альфред ШНИТКЕ)
Sound : Vladimir KUTUZOV (Владимир КУТУЗОВ)
Production : Soyuzmultfilm

Plot synopsis
V.Volosov is Vladimir Jankilevsky's pseudonym
On the basis of Krylov’s fables "Curious", "The Donkey and the Nightingale", "The Cuckoo and the Cock ". Pushkin's pictures and G.Chernetsov's painting “The Parade on the Mars field" are used.
At participation of chamber ensemble "Madrigal" conducting by Lev Marquis. The second plot of the film. In the world of fables.

Commentaries and bibliography
Путешествия в пространстве культуры. Наталья Кривуля о методе Хржановского, Natalya KRIVULYA,, 2009

Selected in the following festivals :
- Great Cartoon Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2011