Boris GUTS
Борис ГУЦ
Russia, 2016, 83mn 
Watermelon Rinds
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Арбузные корки


 Ecorces de pastèques

 Arbuznye korki

Directed by : Boris GUTS (Борис ГУЦ)
Writing credits : Boris GUTS (Борис ГУЦ)
Yaroslav ZHALNIN (Ярослав ЖАЛНИН) ...Gerich
Yevgeni ALIOKHIN (Евгений АЛЕХИН) ...Matvey
Anastasia PRONINA (Анастасия ПРОНИНА) ...Amerika / Gera
Yulia KHLYNINA (Юлия ХЛЫНИНА) ...Kristina
Cinematography : Aleksandr TANANOV (Александр ТАНАНОВ)
Production design : Boris GUTS (Борис ГУЦ)
Editing : Boris GUTS (Борис ГУЦ)
Produced by : Anastasia GUSENTSOVA (Анастасия ГУСЕНЦОВА), Boris GUTS (Борис ГУЦ)
Production : Studio Molokh
Release date in Russia : 10/11/2016
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
Three friends went to the beach to sunbathe and take a break from the daily hustle and bustle. On the shore, they saw a bunch of rescuers and divers who pulled a corpse out of the water. It is the deceased who raises an important problem that few people really think about. And it is connected with the fact that in the modern world a person is very dependent on technology. A person must have emotions, because they are so created. However, virtual reality has burst into the world of these emotions. The younger generation has become more cynical and selfish, and this will not lead to anything good. We will see a typical trip to the beach in three different ways, as each character looks at it differently.

Commentaries and bibliography
Watermelon Rinds (2016) [Boris Gouts], Julien MORVAN, Perestroikino, 2021

Photos and videos

Watermelon Rinds (2016, dir. Boris Gouts) from Boris Guts on Vimeo.