Russia / Latvia, 2020, 97mn 
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Directed by : Aleksey UCHITEL (Алексей УЧИТЕЛЬ)
Writing credits : Aleksandr GONOROVSKY (Александр ГОНОРОВСКИЙ), Savva MINAYEV (Савва МИНАЕВ), Aleksey UCHITEL (Алексей УЧИТЕЛЬ)
Yevgeni TSYGANOV (Евгений ЦЫГАНОВ) ...Pavel Shelest, bus driver
Maryana SPIVAK (Марьяна СПИВАК) ...Marina
Paulina ANDREEVA (Паулина АНДРЕЕВА) ...Polina
Ilya DEL (Илья ДЕЛЬ) ...Rika
Igor VERNIK (Игорь ВЕРНИК) ...producer
Cinematography : Yuri KLIMENKO (Юрий КЛИМЕНКО)
Music : Fyodor JURAVLYOV (Федор ЖУРАВЛЕВ), Faustas LATENAS (Фаустас ЛАТЕНАС)
Produced by : Aleksey UCHITEL (Алексей УЧИТЕЛЬ)
Production : Rock Films
Film revenue in Russia : 0.3535 million dollars
Spectators : 104 514
Release date in Russia : 12/11/2020
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
15 August 1990. Viktor Tsoy, the Soviet Union’s most famous rock star, leader of the band Kino, a symbol of freedom and change, dies in an accident on a Latvian highway. The bus driver who was involved in the tragic accident will bring his body back to Leningrad. A party of mourners – Tsoy’s wife and her new boyfriend, his mistress, his producer, his young son and an obsessed photographer – are part of the trip back. This is going to be a long trip, the perfect occasion for an agonizing unravelling of love, jealousy, ambition, and greed.

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Selected in the following festivals :
- Russian Film Week in New York, New York (USA), 2021
- Warsaw Film Festival, Warsaw (Poland), 2020