Татьяна_2 КИСЕЛЁВА
Vladimir WOLF
Владимир ВОЛЬФ
Vladimir WOLF
Russia, 2019, 52mn 
Izobretatel kurdskogo velosipeda
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Изобретатель курдского велосипеда


 L'Inventeur du vélo kurde

 Izobretatel kurdskogo velosipeda

Directed by : Tatyana_2 KISELIOVA (Татьяна_2 КИСЕЛЁВА), Vladimir WOLF (Владимир ВОЛЬФ)
Writing credits : Tatyana_2 KISELIOVA (Татьяна_2 КИСЕЛЁВА)
Cinematography : Sergey PASHKOV (Сергей ПАШКОВ)
Sound : Natalia POGONICHEVA (Наталья ПОГОНИЧЕВА)
Produced by : Vilena ARTSRUNI (Вилена АРЦРУНИ)
Production : ООО "Киноконтест" / Kinokontest

Plot synopsis
Nazim Nadirov. He was born in Southern Kazakhstan in a family of exiles. His father was a Kurdish man, and his mother was a Karachay woman. Where the plains merge with the sky and rest on the horizon, where empires were created and died, where thousands of nomadic tribes passed. The crossroads man. Ascetic and dervish, who learned the price of simple things early on, a sage and a philosopher, he greedily absorbed the biblical truth. For him, genealogical roots and generational connections come with the sticker «important». And he’s one of those who knows for

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Festival of Muslim Cinema, Kazan (Russia), 2021
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2020