USSR, 1978, 98mn 
In the Zone of Special Attention
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В зоне особого внимания


 Dans la zone d'attention spéciale

 V zone osobogo vnimaniya

Directed by : Andrey MALYUKOV (Андрей МАЛЮКОВ)
Writing credits : Yevgeni MESYATSEV (Евгений МЕСЯЦЕВ)
Boris GALKIN (Борис ГАЛКИН) ...Viktor Tarasov
Mikhail VOLONTIR (Михаил ВОЛОНТИР) ...Aleksandr Volentir
Sergey VOLKOSH (Сергей ВОЛКОШ) ...Egorov
Igor IVANOV (Игорь ИВАНОВ) ...sergent Pugachov
Anatoli KUZNETSOV (Анатолий КУЗНЕЦОВ) ...Moroshkin
Aleksandr PYATKOV (Александр ПЯТКОВ) ...Zuev
Ivan AGAFONOV (Иван АГАФОНОВ) ...police colonel leutenant
Cinematography : Igor BOGDANOV (Игорь БОГДАНОВ)
Production design : Savet AGOYAN (Савет АГОЯН)
Music : Mark MINKOV (Марк МИНКОВ)
Production : Mosfilm
Spectators : 35,4 millions of spectators
Release date in Russia : 29/10/1978
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
During military exercises, the commander of the landing regiment sends three groups of saboteurs to the enemy's rear. Their task is to detect and capture a disguised command post. To complete the task they have not much time - two days. In case of failure of the operation, they will be defeated in the exercises, which is completely unacceptable. They will execute the order in conditions as close as possible to the combat ones. Two groups of saboteurs are defeated and captured.

Commentaries and bibliography
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