Gadzhimurad EFENDIEV
Гаджимурад ЭФЕНДИЕВ
Gadjimourad EFENDIEV
Russia, 2013, 7mn 
Our Closest Are Happy / Our Darling People Are Happy
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Счастливы близкие наши


 Nos proches sont heureux

 Schastlivy blizkie nashi

Directed by : Gadzhimurad EFENDIEV (Гаджимурад ЭФЕНДИЕВ)
Writing credits : Gadzhimurad EFENDIEV (Гаджимурад ЭФЕНДИЕВ)
Cinematography : Aleksandr ZOLOTUKHIN (Александр ЗОЛОТУХИН)

Plot synopsis
Film where archive footage and fiction alternate. Women live alone in a village, their husbands and sons are at war.

Commentaries and bibliography
Les courts métrages de Gadzhimurad Efendiev, Julien MORVAN, Perestroikino, 2020

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Film avec sous-titres anglais