Aleksandr KOTT
Александр КОТТ
Aleksandr KOTT
Konstantin STATSKY
Константин СТАТСКИЙ
Konstantin STATSKI
Russia, 2017, 50mn 
fiction, TV serial
Trotsky (mini-serial) - Season 1
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Троцкий (мини–сериал) - Сезон 1


 Trotski (mini-série) - Saison 1

 Trotskiy (mini-serial) - Seson 1

Directed by : Aleksandr KOTT (Александр КОТТ), Konstantin STATSKY (Константин СТАТСКИЙ)
Writing credits : Ruslan GALEEV (Руслан ГАЛЕЕВ), Oleg MALOVICHKO (Олег МАЛОВИЧКО)
Konstantin KHABENSKY (Константин ХАБЕНСКИЙ) ...Lev Davidovich Trotsky
Olga SUTULOVA (Ольга СУТУЛОВА) ...Natalya Sedova
Aleksandra MAREEVA (Александра МАРЕЕВА) ...alexandra Sokolovskaya
Maksim MATVEYEV (Максим МАТВЕЕВ) ...Frank Jecson (Ramon Mercader)
Yevgeni STYCHKIN (Евгений СТЫЧКИН) ...Vladimir Ilitch Lénine
Orkhan ABULOV (Орхан АБУЛОВ) ...Stalin
Sergey GARMASH (Сергей ГАРМАШ)
Cinematography : Nikolay BOGACHEV (Николай БОГАЧЕВ), Ulukbek KHAMRAYEV (Улукбек ХАМРАЕВ), Sergey TROFIMOV (Сергей ТРОФИМОВ)
Production design : Pyotr BAGAEV (Пётр БАГАЕВ), Yekaterina DYMINSKAYA (Екатерина ДЫМИНСКАЯ), Sergey TYRIN (Сергей ТЫРИН)
Music : Ryan OTTER (Райан ОТТЕР)
Editing : Aleksandr_4 IVANOV (Александр_4 ИВАНОВ)
Produced by : Konstantin ERNST (Константин ЭРНСТ), Maksim POLINSKY (Максим ПОЛИНСКИЙ), Aleksandr TSEKALO (Александр ЦЕКАЛО)
Release date in Russia : 06/11/2017
Sites : Allociné, IMDb, Kinopoisk
VOD or DVD release in France : 2018-12-21, Site

Plot synopsis
The series is structured as a series of flashbacks to earlier episodes in Trotsky's life, framed by events during his asylum in Mexico City (1939-1940). The first episode begins in May 1940, on the outskirts of Mexico City, when a group of Mexican Communists dressed as policemen attack Trotsky's house. After shooting into the house for nearly a quarter hour, Trotsky and his wife amazingly survive untouched. Afterwards, he reflects on his situation. Having lost almost all those close to him during his eleven years of exile from the USSR, Trotsky perceives USSR dictator, Stalin, will relentlessly pursue him until he is dead. Trotsky decides to leave a political testament of how a man from an oppressed minority managed to successfully overthrow the Tsarist regime and establish a new social order. He invites an ideological opponent – a Canadian journalist sympathetic to Stalin – to work with him and write that testament. Each episode of the series then explores a period in his life as an emerging leader of the Communist Revolution who then lost his new power to Stalin.

Commentaries and bibliography
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