Russia, 2015, 75mn 
Colour, animation
Serafima's Extraordinary Travel
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Необыкновенное путешествие Серафимы


 Le Voyage extraordinaire de Seraphima

 Neobyknovennoe puteshestvie Serafimy

Directed by : Sergey ANTONOV (Сергей АНТОНОВ)
Release date in Russia : 27/08/2015
Sites : Allociné, IMDb

Plot synopsis
Sima Voskresenskaya, who lost her parents at the very beginning of the war, lives in an orphanage and secretly keeps a neck cross that reminds her of her beloved family.
Once Sima meets Rita, a girl who reveals to her that the house is full of secrets and ghosts, and invites her to go to the mysterious closet under the stairs to look at one of them.
Who would have thought that the invitation would help Seraphim reveal the secret of the orphanage and shed light on the fate of his parents ...

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