Russia, 2018, 89mn 
The Soul Conductor
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Directed by : Ilya_2 MAKSIMOV (Илья_2 МАКСИМОВ)
Writing credits : Anna KURBATOVA (Анна КУРБАТОВА), Aleksandr TOPURIYA (Александр ТОПУРИЯ)
Aleksandra BORTICH (Александра БОРТИЧ)
Yevgeni TSYGANOV (Евгений ЦЫГАНОВ)
Aleksandr ROBAK (Александр РОБАК)
Vyacheslav RAZBEGAEV (Вячеслав РАЗБЕГАЕВ)
Konstantin MURZENKO (Константин МУРЗЕНКО)
Vladimir YAGLYTCH (Владимир ЯГЛЫЧ)
Cinematography : Yuri BEKHTEREV (Юрий БЕХТЕРЕВ)
Production design : Igor TRYSHKOV (Игорь ТРЫШКОВ)
Music : Denis SUROV (Денис СУРОВ)
Produced by : Sergey FIKS (Сергей ФИКС), Dmitry FIKS (Дмитрий ФИКС), Mikhail KURBATOV (Михаил КУРБАТОВ), Anna KURBATOVA (Анна КУРБАТОВА), Grigori PODZEMELNYY (Григорий ПОДЗЕМЕЛЬНЫЙ)
Production : Мотор Фильм Студия / Motor Film Studio; Пропеллер Продакшн / Propeller Production
Film revenue in Russia : 0.3619 million dollars
Spectators : 102 912
Release date in Russia : 29/11/2018

Plot synopsis
News BIFFF 2019 Partners Professionals Media Submissions BIFFF 2019 Stage 2019 ZomBIFFF Run Contact FAQ 0 items - 0,00€ ENFRNL Home / Program / movie / SOUL CONDUCTOR (THE) SOUL CONDUCTOR (THE) Cine 2 - 17/04/19 - 21:30 the soul conductor 8,00€ In stock Quantity 1 Add to cart Katya is a moody young woman with a special gift: she can communicate with the spirits of the dearly departed. The problem is they’re quite a nuisance! All the time, they’re asking her assistance in dealing with unfinished business from their time among the living. To be able to cope with these demanding spirits, she seeks solace in… spirits. And then her very own twin sister disappears without a trace. No help is to be expected from the police because in their opinion little sis only exists in Katya’s distorted imagination. Doggedly, she goes on a search and rescue mission, all the while being besieged by nightmarish visions. That’s how she discovers the whole thing is the dirty work of a serial killer who’s holding her sister captive somewhere in the city. Maybe not all hope is lost after all. But can you trust anyone in such a dismal place? Yourself to begin with… In his first feature, experienced television director Ilya S. Maksimov pulls off quite a feat. A historical manor in Moscow was completely altered and become the prime location for this supernatural horror thriller shot without CGI. With breathtaking images, he guides you through the haunting intrigue, with excellent support from his lead actress Aleksandra (

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival : BIFFF, Brussels (Belgium), 2019
- Novy Rusky Film, Prague (Czech Republic), 2019
- Russian Resurrection Film Festival, Different cities (Australia), 2018
- Russian Film Week in Paris : Regards de Russie, Paris (France), 2018
- Russische Filmwoche in Berlin, Berlin (Germany), 2018