Russie, 2007, 90mn 
Couleur, fiction
Nostalgie du futur
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Ностальгия по будущему


 Longing for Future

 Nostalgia po budushchemu

Autres titres : Сенатор
Réalisation : Sergueï TARASSOV (Сергей ТАРАСОВ)
Aleksandr TSOURKAN (Александр ЦУРКАН) ...Okopenko
Date de sortie en Russie : 14/02/2008
format : 35 mm

Pas de synopsis en français.

Russian entrepreneur Victor goes with a delegation to New York and meets at the airport a girl who looks exactly like his first love Anastasia, who left him after she was diagnosed with terminal illness. It turns out that later Anastasia met Nikolai who brought her to the U.S. and spent all his fortune on her treatment. Anastasia survived and gave birth to a daughter Marina (the girl at the airport). Meeting Anastasia after so many years, Victor overcomes temptations and brings back the good times of their youth. (Festival du film de Kérala, décembre 2008)

Sélections dans les festivals :
- Festival international du film de Kérala : IFFK, Kérala (Inde), 2008
- Festival international du film d'Inde : IFFI, Goa (Inde), 2008