URSS / USA, 1943, 86mn 
Noir et blanc, fiction
Nasreddine à Boukhara
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Насреддин в бухаре


 Adventure in Bokhara

 Nasreddin v Bukhare

Réalisation : Yakov PROTAZANOV (Яков ПРОТАЗАНОВ)
Production : Studio de Tachkent

Pas de synopsis en français.

Originally titled Nasreddin v Bukhare, this was the last filmic effort of veteran Soviet actor/director Yakov Protazanov, who died two years after its completion. Essentially a swashbuckler, the story concerns Nasreddin (Lev Sverdlin), a Slavic Robin Hood who does battle with the despotic Emir of Bokhara. Not only does he make the wicked ruler look stupid at every opportunity, but he also makes off with the Emir's prize harem girl. Nasreddin even manages to trick the villain into freeing a group of political prisoners. If only Stalin had been so easily fooled. American prints of Adventure in Bokhara ran 85 minutes, suggesting that the film had been radically cut before its non-Russian release.
Hal Erickson, www.allmovie.com