Tolomouch OKEEV
Толомуш ОКЕЕВ
Tolomush OKEYEV
URSS / Syrie, 1986, 95mn 
Couleur, fiction
Les Mirages de l'amour
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Миражи любви


 Mirages Of Love

 Mirazhi lyubvi

Réalisation : Tolomouch OKEEV (Толомуш ОКЕЕВ)
Scénario : Tolomouch OKEEV (Толомуш ОКЕЕВ)
Production : Ganem Film/ Kirghizfilm/ Tadzhikfilm

Pas de synopsis en français.

This film biography tells of the early life of Mani, an artist from the central Asian region of Kirghiz in the Soviet Union. The product of a slave girl and an elderly father, Mani shows artistic ability from an early age. After the birth, his mother kills herself by drowning herself in a river. Enemies of the boy's father break Mani's hand when he is twelve, and the boy is later sent far from home. Decades later, the now-famous artist travels home to his birthplace in hopes of reliving his childhood memories and for a possible reunion with his polygamous father.
Dan Pavlides,