Friedrich ERMLER
Фридрих ЭРМЛЕР
Friedrich ERMLER
URSS, 1953, 31mn 
Couleur, fiction
L'Invitation à souper
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Званый ужин / Разбитые мечты


 The Dinner Party / The Shatteres Dreams

 Zvanyy uzhin / Razbitye mechty

Réalisation : Friedrich ERMLER (Фридрих ЭРМЛЕР)
Production : Lenfilm
Date de sortie en Russie : 22/08/1962

Pas de synopsis en français.

What is the best and quickest way to get one's career in motion? Sure enough, by licking the bosses' boots. Thus the insignificant Pyotr Petrovich invented a birthday and invited all the management to his party.
When everything is ready for the distinguished guests, the door leading from the room to the corridor happens to slam. Pyotr Petrovich is rushing about the locked room. He has no key. What's to be done?
The satire turned out so stinging that the picture was not allowed on the screen until 1962, and then under a different name.
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