11 Международный кинофестиваль в Ереване "Золотой Абрикос"
Ереван (Армения) - 13 Июль 2014 - 20 Июль 2014
Русские или советские фильмы
Фильмы открытия
Цвет граната « Саят-Нова»
Цвет граната « Саят-Нова», 1970

(Sayat Nova. La Couleur de la grenade)




Другие фильмы
- Cinetrain : Russian Winter, Cristina PICCHI, Sandhya Daisy Sundaram, Benny Jaberg, Dieter Deswarte, Tristan Daws, Bernadett Tuza-Ritter, Documentaire en compétition, Russie, 2013, 90 mn
In January 2013 a group of 21 filmmakers from 14 countries met for the first time in Moscow. On the next day they were sent on a trip to make films that would explore widespread stereotypes about Russia. Over the following month, they shot and edited this movie. They traveled 10 000 km by train to engage in a dialog with the Russian people and to understand the ideas the Russians have about themselves. 80 years after Aleksandr Medvedkin's train, the Cinetrain is back on track.
- Jealousy, Vladimir KHARCHENKO-KULIKOVSKY, court-métrage, 2014, Russie
- My Kith And Kin, Rodion ISMAILOV, 2012, Russia, Azerbaijan, 63 mn
- Under The Open Sky, Arman YERITSYAN, 2014 Russia/Armenia, 39 mn