41 Международный кинофестиваль в Роттердаме
Роттердам (Нидерланды) - 25 Январь 2012 - 05 февраль 2012
Русские фильмы

Охотник, 2011

(Le Chasseur)



Другие фильмы

- Histoire de mes cheveux, Boris Lehman, Belgium, Russia, 2010
Artists and filmmakers can be unusual people. Of those unusual people, Boris Lehman is very unusual indeed. He has unusual obsessions, for instance with his hair, and he also makes very obsessive films about it. Innocent and humorous obsessions. Touching too.
Boris Lehman had not cut his hair for more than two decades. It turned grey and dried out and something had to be done. Lehman has the misfortune of being a filmmaker, as he put it himself, so he decided to make a film about it. It became a personal documentary in which Lehman linked the growth of his hair to the time and space he has been on the Earth. Because hair, he found out, retains microscopic particles of everything that has happened in your life. He travelled through Europe, the Ukraine and Russia, back through his own history and that of his parents, but suddenly changed course when he couldn’t find anything, when it turned out that his past had partly been rubbed out. The story of Samson and Delilah and other literary fragments accompany Lehman on his journey and reflect on the vulnerability and fleeting nature of life.

- Remember, Eleonore de Montesquiou, Russia, 2010, 10 mn
A camera at an anti-fascist demonstration in Moscow. Immigrants, human rights activists and journalists are systematically targeted by right-wing groups.
January 2010. 'For the first time in my life, I am taking part in a demonstration... Until now, as a reporter, I could feel sympathy or rejection for the demonstrators. One way or the other however, there was a distance between us that I did not want to shrink. Tonight there is no distance.' (Andrei Loshak, Moscow journalist)