34 Международный фестиваль фильма в Гетеборге
Гетеборг (Швеция) - 27 Январь 2012 - 06 февраль 2012
Русские фильмы
Покуда будет ветер...
Покуда будет ветер..., 2010

(Tandis que le vent souffle...)

(Sergueï POTAPOV)


Другие фильмы
- Once There Was Love (Vi som älskade), Kåge Jonsson, Håkan Pieniowski, Suède, Russie, 2012, 75 mn, Documentaire
Once There was Love is the dark, atmospheric and personal story of a middle class Russian family whose lives are threatening to fall apart. The filmmakers have followed the family since Nadja was a baby twelve years previously. Russia, a country undergoing radical change, provides the backdrop to this gripping film which follows on from the 1999 Prix D'Italia winner, I Love you Natasja.