Международный кинофестиваль 'Tribeca' в Нью Йорке
Нью Йорк (США) - 18 апрель 2012 - 28 апрель 2012

Другие фильмы
- The Russian Winter, Petter Ringbom, Russia / USA, 2012, Feature Documentary, color / black and white, 94'
As a young man during the 90s, John Forté found fame with The Fugees. Success, however, set the well-educated musician and Grammy award winning producer on a strange trip ending up behind bars. In [The Russian Winter] we follow Forté on tour through a frosty Russia a couple of years after his release from prison. This wonderful documentary is not really a tour film as such, but an irresistable odyssey of insights and culture clashes. A film about the bond of music and reconciliation with the past. Swedish director Petter Ringbom makes the viewer feel like a fellow traveller and through his direct mode of film-making he creates a rare sense of intimacy. And Forté?s vulnerable voice gives you goosebumps. Niclas Goldberg (http://filmweb01.filmfestival.org/filmfestival/info/en/festivalprogram/programentry?filmId=181075)