13 Международный кинофестиваль детективных фильмов и телепрограмм по правоохранительной тематике
Москва (Россия) - 20 апрель 2011 - 24 апрель 2011
Русские фильмы
Прячься, 2010

(La Bonne météo)

Джонни О'РЕЙЛИ
(Johnny O'REILLY)

Джонни О'РЕЙЛИ

Другие фильмы
1. Feature film on detective and law-enforcement themes
- “Operation Tatar”, East-Siberian studio of documentaries / HERO ENTERTAINMENT, Mongolia, Russia

2. “Theme TV Series (or an episode with a complete story)
- “War Intelligence Service”, «Izarus Film», «Nikola-Film», «Green-Film», «Teleproekt», Russia
- “Untangling Knots”, CJSC Russian World Studios, Russia

3. “Hero” – charismatic performance of a positive character
- “The Loner”, Daniyil Kozlovskiy (plays the part of Andrey Gromov)
- “Goodbye, “Makarov”!” Sergey Selin (plays the part of Lt.Col. Stroyev)
- “The Next Three Days”, Russel Crow (plays the part of John Brennan)

4. “Antihero” – charismatic performance of a negative character
- “Weather station”, Andrey Guskov (plays the part of Andrey Ivanov)
- “Sniper”, Alexander Baranovskiy (plays the part of Aleksey Bukhovtsev)

Section II. Theme Nominations
1. “Terrorism – a threat to peace” – about fight with terrorism, extremism, xenophobia, race a religious hatred
- “Soul Catchers”, “Bashkortostan” state broadcasting company, Russia
- “Suicide Bombers”, LLC Melo-film, Channel "TV Centre, Russia
- “Ordinary Vahhabizm”, TV- Chircey, Russia
- “Emergency. Weekly Review”, OJSC NTV Broadcasting Company, Russia

2. “Dirty Money” - about fight with corruption
- “A Pill Against Greed”, JSC "Broadcasting company" Ostankino”, Russia
- “Scandalous Life” with Olga B., Corruption: Ultimate Fighting, TV-centre Channel, Russia
- “Emergency. Weekly Review”, OJSC NTV Broadcasting Company, Russia
- “Say No to Corruption”, “Svet” Studio, Russia

3. “Crime and Punishment” – about fight with different type of crimes
- “Murder in Cannes”.”Savva Morozov”, Broadcasting company «Gold Medium», Russia
- “Con Air. Convoy’s Secrets”, Production Company “Den”, Russia
- “False World”, Broadcasting company TV CENTER, Russia
- “Criminal cases involving juveniles”, “First low television “Pravo - TV”, Russia
- “Where is the DUM looking”, JSC "Tatmedia" TRK "Kazan", Russia

4.”World without Drugs” – about fight with drug trafficking
- “Drug Dealers”, STRC “Kaliningrad”, Russia
- “Special Investigation. Handcuffs as a Remedy”, JSC Broadcasting company “Ostankino”, Russia
- “Operation “Poppy 2010”, Department of the interior affairs of Kaluga region, Russia

5. “Civil Society” – about citizens’ fight for their rights
- “Angel in Uniform”, STRC “Kaliningrad”, Russia
- “Defence of a Police Officer”, JSC “TV company” AB-TV”, Russia
- “Lawlessness. The Moscow We Have Lost”, Ltd. “MIRA-Production”
- “The Fifth Power”, 3 channel, Russia
- “Reporter is a Dangerous Job”, STRC “Kaliningrad”, Russia

6. “War and Peace” – about military service and military duty
- “Fatal Investigation”, Press-office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs department for Far Eastern Federal District, Russia
- “The Great War”, Babich-design and Star Media
- “On the main line”, Central Museum of Federal Security Service of Russia, Russia
- “Cursed Trade”, JSC Broadcasting company" Ostankino”, Russia
- “Third Reich. The Last Days”, TV-Center, Russia